About Summit


Facing the complexity and interdependence of post-COVID it’s evident that there can be no zero-sum game solutions to our problems and ever-rising conflicts . There is only wisdom and wise solutions where co-existence and cooperation is the norm.

In this New Normal, individuals, organizations and nations should work hard to increase their Global Consciousness. And we define Global Consciousness as the new concept of being aware of global risks engendered by the increased in terconnectedness, interdependence and complexity of the world systems. Ignoring such Global Consciousness will lead to uncertainty and different types of deep strategic igno rance that threaten the very existence of mankind.

World Wisdom Summit is meant to address this alarming situation – where nothing seems to be sure, truly guaranteed, or totally safe.


This mapped interconnection and interdependence will be intensified, amplified and fueled by the disruptive new technologies like IOT, AI and Blockchain. It’s a new era of living in the future and for the future where uninformed decisions might lead to fatal diversions.

To avoid any global fatality, nonzero-sum dynamic should be the new normalcy. The world should be growing more and more towards nonzero-sum games through increasing the level of future consciousness and Wisdom.

In World Wisdom Summit, we will promote and reinforce the adoption of this wise approach to conflict resolution. This year, we will focus on the issue of “Immigration” in order to generate integrative solutions that encompasses the interests of all parties /stakeholders.